Montag, 2. Mai 2011

My first blog :)

Hi, this is my first blog. I'm originally from Germany and my english isn't as good as it should be so please forgive and correct me, when you see mistakes :).

I'm starting to introduce my first smartphone to you and my experiences with the Galaxy I9003.
As these aren't as fresh as they should be (got it already 1 week) I don't think they're as good as they should be, but they'll become better, I promise.

I switched my Samsung Galaxy I9003 on (there is a button on the right side, if you don't look carefully you wouldn't find it at first sight). The first thing I thought about it was that it needs a long time to load Android, but that's a risk that I was willing to agree. 

Other buttons are the volume + and volume - button at the left side of the phone. Remarkably is the USB-port at the top, there is a blind which covers the port, and when needed you can push the blind aside.

As the OS started you make some adjustments for transmitting your position to google and some other configurations. Right after I could start with Android so I wasn't bored of the configurations. What comes first into my mind is the amount of apps that were installed beginning with "Aldiko eBook" and ending with "SIM-Toolkit". It's really annoying, having many apps that you never gonna use! That's one of the things that I'm gonna take care of!!

The next thing that comes to my mind is that the mobile phone is a little slow when you slide through the menus and desktops (I'll post a few pictures later!). But it's really redundant, you only notice it when you watch carefully, so it shouldn't be the main reason when you buy one. 

My next point should be the battery longevity (dunno if the term is right, please correct me if not :) ) the battery longs, when you are using WiFi the whole time and the display (brightness 50%) is turned on 70% of the time, 6-7 hours. If you turn the WiFi off and use it 50% of the time, you should get around 10-12 hours and if you shrink the brightness to 0% (for me nearly no difference) you could use it around 14 hours. Some critique to the battery (though it should be the mobile phone at all) is that if it reaches around 10% apps like the camera and the mp3-player turn off, another thing that needs to be changed :).

My last thing to the Samsung should be the Version: I got it with Android 2.2 (Froyo) I think (hope) that the device will get a little faster with the next version and that it will be available for the I9003 in near future (since its nearly half a year since the official release by Android dev-team according to [couldn't find a better source I hope you forgive me ;)].

That's it for now, I hope you liked my first blog and will view my next ones since im gonna post some things about my apps :)

Greetz Konrad